4hp water problem


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4hp water problem

I have a yamaha 1999 use perhaps 4 times. the other day I found that after a few minutes it stop pumping water out. I thought was the impeller change it and have the same.

A friennd tld me I have started the engine outside of the water bucket when checking it and this is a problem.

So I change it again last night, works ok bu the amount of water coming out was not that much and if you pluig the hole there is not much preasure.

what can it be. is the another passage beside the tube going up to the crank I can check for clog?

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dont know much about this but sounds like a water pump or clog
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termostat was part of the problem

the termostat and part of the chambers were clog. use some acid and brush and a lot of patience and finally have flow of water.

now is to check if it works when I out it back

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