Any Mercruiser mech's in here?


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Any Mercruiser mech's in here?

I killed my Mercruiser upper drive by not servicing the oil properly, and now it needs new gears.

I've already purchased a new complete unit for the boat (SEI), but I want to see if I can repair the old upper drive and then sell the complete unit. It's an Alpha l, 1.5:1.

I am a mechanic by trade,(not a boat mechanic) and have fiddled inside one of these before so I kind of know my way around. I don't have the equipment and tooling necessary to set the backlash for the gears, but I figured I could purchase all the necessary parts and assemble it and then take it to a shop and have them set it up. I've already disassembled and removed the old gears...what was left of them.

My question is if the bearings feel OK can they be reused, or should I just replace everything? I'm trying to save money where I can, but I don't want to sell something to someone that will give problems down the road. I know some of the bearings are matched and come with the gears, so that's a no-brainer.

Also, when I drained the lower unit oil there was evidence of metal contamination. What would be the best way to flush it?

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Angry upper drive

if the gears went bad from poor maint. then the bearings are next
in line to go. if the gears are that bad that there is nothing left to
them they put alot of stress on the bearings. if you sell it with just
new gears in it you doing half a job and passing it on to the next person
as for your lower unit haveing oil contamination from metal flushing is the easy part. drain out the old lube put in new run it for a few min. and drain and refill. but you need to find out if the metal came from the upper drive or if you have a lower drive problem.
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Hmmm...pretty much what I thought and expected to hear.

Thanks for the response.


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