Yamaha Waveventure overheating


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Yamaha Waveventure overheating

How do I find what is causing a Yamaha waveventure 1100 to overheat after 5-10 minutes of operation. I've checked all hoses and they seem to be fine. The pwc will start and run fine but after a few minutes it starts to sound raspy and the instrument panel shows a triangle over the temperature symbol.
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I don't have any experience with pwc's, but a cooling system is a cooling system. Do you have water output at the tell tale, or wherever the water comes out? What draws water into the engine? If it's an impeller, I'd start there.
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I have a yamaha waverunner (91 model) and don't know what could be causing the overheating. If you have propulsion i believe it's that same water that passes through the pwc to create propulsion is used to cool the engine in the process. If you noticee a lack of power try climbing under the pwc and see if the impeller is clogged with seaweed or something. This has happened to mine several times while operating in shallow waters.

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