Evinrude Problem


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Evinrude Problem

I have an 1992 Evinrude 150 outboard that has always ran great. It just recently however quit starting. I did a total output test and found no spark at any cyclinder. So I did a power coil and charge coil resistance and output tests, as well as a stop circuit test. Everything checked out except there was no voltage indicated on either output tests. I do not have the equipment to check the ignition sensor or the power pack. Assuming I did the output test correctly, what would be the most likely part that would be causing this problem? I am not a mechanic, but very handy with engines, so I would really like to fix this without a trip to the shop. Any help you can give would be very much appreciated. Thanks
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Since you've done everything you possibly can to this point, I hate to say plug and play, but....Since you've narrowed it down to these two items, find out what they would cost to replace vs. the cost of having a shop do what you've already done and replace the bad part. Do any of your boating buddies have the test equipment, or do you have a shop that would cut you come slack and just test the parts you've isolated?
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Well, according to my tech manual, if I have no voltage then I am to check the stator connections, which I did and they seem fine. So would I need to replace the stator, or the coils? And what would be the chance of all three coils going out at the same time?? At this point I would assume that the power pack is not the problem since the voltage loss is coming into the power pack, not from it. Thanks again for your help.
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what tools are you working with. You should have a volt meter with a DVA (direct voltage adapter) this should be use for testing stator and trigger output or you can hurt your meter.

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