mariner 60 hp outboard, water pump replacement


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mariner 60 hp outboard, water pump replacement

does anyone have specs on how to change a water pump on a 60 hp mariner outboard moter.
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Hello papa38. Welcome to the Boats, Sailing, Pwc's & Navigations topic and the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

Why specs?

Have you ever replaced an outboards water pump before?

You have hand tools and are reasonably handy using them?

Reason why I ask, not enough details in your post to determine reason why spec are or would be needed. Also, if you're mechanically inclined. Boat engines require some degree of prior mechanical skills and tool usage.

If the repairs are not done correctly the very first time, major mechanical damage can and/or will occur upon engine startup. In such cases, the lower costs to replace the pump will cause major engine damage. In the long run costing far more then saved. Best to have a professional do the work, imo, than risk any potential other damages.

Usually, but not always, replacing a water pump on any outboard , not all that difficult of a task. Providing one has the hand tools and reasonable mechanical skills, etc.

Basically, all that is needed is to remove the prop housing from the shaft column. The pump is inside the prop housing within it's own housing.

Once prop housing is removed, note how the assembly comes apart and reassemble with new pump impeller exactly as you found the old impelled installed and assembly assembled.

Be sure to note where shifter rod securing clamp is located on the shifters rod inside the props shaft tube. There will be a large round rubber grommet that has to be removed.Inside the housing will be a clamp that holds the two rods together.

It is imperative to re assemble the entire assembly exactly as it is presently assembled. And that shifter rod be re secured exactly where it is presently secured together.

Use all new gaskets and replace the gear lube too. Also note which way impeller is suppose to rotate. Some require a specific direction while others it doesn't really matter.

Best bet is to make hand diagrams of each step as you disassemble the parts, once prop housing is removed. If all goes well,the job isn't all that difficult nor complex.

Some variations to the above will and/or may exist. Buy any generic marine shop engine repair manual if you cannot obtain the specific one for that engine. Read and study it well before attempting any such repairs. You'll be glad you did.

Be sure the work area is clean, the shop bench area is cleared and cleaned of any other repairs done prior to anything. Use small containers to hold the removed parts, etc.

The DIY resident boat service & repair professionals may have additional helpful information, suggestions and advice. Check back on your question several times for additional replies.

Kindly use the reply button to add any additional information or questions, etc. to this thread. Using this method also moves the topic back up to the top of the daily list automatically.

Regards, Good Luck & Safe Boating. Sharp Advice. Boating Enthusiast. Web Sites Host, Forums Monitor, Moderator Hiring Agent & Multiple Topics Moderator.

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60 hp water pump replacement

thank you for your help. i am sure it will be a breeze. i don't have a problem working on motors of any kind but i do like to find out things before i jump into something. that way it is done right the first time. with your help i am sure it will all work out fine. thank you again.
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Unhappy B.o.a.t. = $$$$$$

Hello: papa38

Do not assume it will be easy. Not all are easy to disassemble. Especially if outboard used in saltwater.

In many cases some parts will not separate easily. A puller maybe necessary or a part will need to be heated with a torch or other heating device etc, to loosen and remove.

Usually a hard rubber mallet is used to jar parts or assemblies loose. Force must be used in some instances. Be sure all screws, bolts etc are removed before using any force.

Read the service manuals before attempting any repairs. The time spent will be well worth it, in my opinion.

Many boat owners, know what BOAT stands for.

B = Bail
O = Out
A = Another
T = Thousand.....($$$$$)

Break something during a repair, B.O.A.T. may apply.

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