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how to prevent mice in boat during winter?

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10-01-06, 02:23 PM   #1  
how to prevent mice in boat during winter?

I just got an old tri hull last fall, and the interior has been re-done, i live in upsate NY (cold winters) and the boat will be covered up outside, and wondered what the best way to deter mice is for the interior. Last winter i must have been LUCKY because i had mouse droppings in the back outboard "motor well" but nothing inside the boat. Any tricks for the interior? i don't want to push my luck this winter and find holy interior in the spring, i've heard moth balls, etc. thanks

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10-01-06, 03:00 PM   #2  
We've had pretty good luck with mothballs. My boss has an RV he stores and he always leaves a roll of tp and a box of kleenex out and the mice do seem to go for that to build their nest instead of chewing up the seats.

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10-02-06, 10:05 AM   #3  
Mothballs create odor problems when used in enclosed areas. The EPA advises against using them in areas that will be occupied by humans because fumes are toxic. Odor is next to impossible to remove.

The best control for mice is exclusion. A fitted cover is recommended for protection and exclusion of animal pests from boats. Storing boat on trailer with tires removed will also make it difficult for mice to access via tires and prevents theft of boat.

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10-02-06, 04:12 PM   #4  
When I put my vintage car into the garage for the winter, I put cedar sented mothball crystals on a dish in each footwell and I've never had a problem with mice inside the car. Lingering smell has'nt been a problem after a good interior cleaning come springtime.
This year, I'm putting steel wool into the air intake to keep the little critters from nesting under the hood in my carbs.

Hope that helps

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10-04-06, 01:02 PM   #5  
I have seen a couple of boat storage places that essentially shrink-wrap an entire boat (many come this way from the factory, for shipping). Try searching for "shrink-wrap for boat storage" - I found several places that offer kits so you can shrink wrap it yourself.

It might not keep the mice out, as they might be able to chew through it, but it would be obvious when they did.

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10-16-06, 06:03 PM   #6  
We have had really good luck using Bounce Dryer sheets to deter mice.

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