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Cool E-10!

Any one who can shed some light on the E-10 problem, please step forward. Any insight experience helpful. Trying to separate fact from fiction.
Thank You
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E-10 is not tolerant to water. The alcohol will mix with water molecules far easier than the old fuel and therefore degrade Octane and create water pockets at the bottom of your tank. It will also as alcohol, "clean" out your tank of varnish etc. which will get into your filters and injecters.

Use Ster-Tron Enzyme additivbe from West Marine, also Pri-G and stabil. Change your separators far more frequently, especially when first suing Ethanol. Pourt separator contents in to a jar and check fuel conditio as a way to monitor it's make up. Once you've gone a season continue your additives (non-alcohol based. Alcohol like Dry-Gas only exagerates the problem) you can back off the filter change frequency, but still change them more frequent than your manual calls for. Older boats are more prone to more problems.

Go to www.starbrite.com and look at the Star-Tron fuel additive page where there is a good editorial on Ethanol fuels etc. Also go to www.offshoreonly.com (powerboat bulletin board much like this) to find answers to your boating questions.
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You may find this link helpful: http://www.saltwatersportsman.com/saltwater/boating/article/0,12746,1225630,00.html

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