antifreeze question


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antifreeze question

I have a 5.0 liter mercury mercruiser sterndrive engine and was wondering if it is necessary to use antifreeze in it inorder to winterize. Thank you.
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You may find the following link helpful for winterizing your engine:
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As you should be draining the block for winter - there shouldn't be any water left in the engine to freeze - thereby precluding anti freeze. (Assuming, of course, you have an open system rather than closed loop).
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That is what I thought too thezster. Makes sense. The marine guy who winterizes engines just told me anti-freeze should be in there. I don't really see why but that is what they just told me. They really say to drain it and keep it level to make sure all water leaves it so if all water is gone then why the anti-freeze. Mayby I am just missing something though. THanks.
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Dont forget the lower unit check for any water down in it. Turn the engine over a time or to.
To make sure no water in the pump.

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If I do use antifreeze where would be the best place to pour it down into the cooling system so that it reaches the lower unit and pump and all. Thank you.
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I live in a warmer area, Louisiana and I also put anti freeze in my motor.

1.I hook up to a water hose to my lower unit Mouse ears run the motor until it reaches operating temp.

2.Shut off the engine unhook the hose and install a short piece of hose with a large funel, auto transmission long and big, into the other end of the hose.

3.Have a friend start the motor as I pour the anit freeze into the funel.

4.When I see the antifreeze coming out of the exhaust I have him shut down the engine.

It will usually take a over a gal of antifreeze to get it full. But after haveing water in it all summer I feel that the antifreeze will help keep rust from forming inside the block. I have been doing this for the last 30 years and have never had a problem with cooling systems on my boats.

I hope this helps you decide to use antifreeze and save your motor.

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