Fiberglas - Epoxy vs Polyester


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Fiberglas - Epoxy vs Polyester

I am putting a new deck down and encapsulating the plywood with Firberglas. Just noted that the Polyster resin has warnings that it must be used with fiberglas colth or roving, etc. no such warning on the Epoxy!! I was not planning on using a lot of cloth as I feel the plywood is strong enough, just going to use it as joints, etc! Should I use expoxy, rather then the ployester resin? Any advice would be appreciated!!
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Poly resin/cloth is much less expensive than epoxy blends - and both require roving/mat for proper application. Epoxy should be used on hardwoods such as oak as poly doesn't bond well with the close grained woods, and, if I'm not mistaken, metals.

Not sure what you're trying to accomplish by not using cloth - but the cloth provides lateral strength as well as waterproofing. That being said, I have used poly resin by itself as a "sealant" by adding only about 1/2 the recommended amount of hardner and painting it on the surface to be sealed. It takes "forever" for it to dry, but that gives the resin time to soak into the wood before setting up and hardening. I do the same thing with the first coat of resin that I plan to cover with cloth/mat - painting on the diluted mixture - setting my cloth in place - and covering that with the properly mixed formula. Once the properly mixed liquid is ready, your time to work is extremely limited, especially if working over large areas.
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I appreciate your reply. I am adding the mat and your suggestion to apply the slower curing resin first will make it go easier I am sure! Thanx for taking the time to reply. bobsea
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What will you tie the tape seams to? If it is to the fiberglass on the boat make sure what it is. If polyester you can use polyester or epoxy. But if it is epoxy you cant use polyester to tie onto epoxy.
A cool temp are no sun will slow down the kick off time on the mix for you. and west marine
will have allteh stuff you would need . Also you said deck might want to put some pumice in it so you dont slip on your Bu*

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