need more hole shot


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need more hole shot

have 17 ft. 4 winns with i/o chevy 230 4 cyl with 2 barrel carb, and alpha one . kids getting a little older and need more initial pull. other than buying another boat with more power, is there a different manifold or cam that could be replaced for a relatively inexpensive fix???
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you might try another prop dont really think modifing the engine will help your initial take off at all.
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Im like bejay. Id go for the prop first to dig you up out of the hole . You dont need the top end for speed. Or He** let them just come off the dock not in the water. That works good
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What type watersports are they in to? Before "old age" set in I was an avid barefooter, kneeboarder and slalom skiier, even attempted a jump or two....wake and "pull power" make a difference depending on what they are in to. Top of the head I agree, prop is first 'cause top speed for me barefooting was around 43 using an inboard dedicated to the purpose. Wouldn't mess w/ the engine as of yet. Need to focus on what the goal will be for them and the boat.
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Prop, Prop, Prop..... will solve your problems to a great extent. Less pitch - possibly a 4 blade instead of 3 (spendier). If possible, go for a SS prop as aluminum flexes considerably under load, reducing hole shot also. Do a google on prop pitch for more details. Unfortunately, that 4 banger won't give you the hole shot nor top end of a bigger engine - no matter what you do to it.

Speed is overrated as mentioned above. Barefooting requires rarely more than 38mph (less you're a 200+ lb'r), competition skiers top out at 36mph on a slalom course (28 - 32 is normal for freeriding) - doubles requires around 22mph or less - kneeboards top out at 18ish - and wakeboards even a little less than that.

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