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I have a 89 175 Evinrude I am the orignal owner and I use this motor all year.

I recently starting having a problem when I accelerates above 3000rpms. Below 3000 rpms the engine run fine. I changed the plugs, coils and wires, fuel filter and water seperator. the problem did not go away.
During the test drive I notice that the problem would go away if I turned the engine off for a few second and started it up again. The engine would run wild as a cat.
Another time when it happen, I pushed the primer button in several times and the engine began to runs better. and now I have a warning horn sounding when I turn the key on engine off

One tech advise me to check the fuel pump pressure. it had 3psi. I changed the fuel pump any way it was the orignal one. Can anyone help with these problem?
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Out of the box here . But have you looked at any of the rubber gas lines. I know first it the gas filter then the gas pump. I find next its the gas lines. I have had some where its like the inside of them gets soft.

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