Ice Sail Boats


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Ice Sail Boats

Does anyone know what they proper name is for an Ice Sail Boat, similar to the one in the recent James Bond Movie about the north koreans and conflict Diamonds.
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from google and Montanna

boating, ice sailing, ice surfing, hard water sailing...different names for a sport that's essentially whisking across the ice in a boat on blades or runners. The sport's been around longer than you'd probably think: almost 300 years. Ice sailing began in Holland in the 18th century, an ingenious solution for transporting goods over frozen lakes quickly.

By the mid-1800's, ice sailing's popularity spread to the United States, where it caught on as a hobby for wealthy sailors. By the 1930s, different boat designs were being tested. The boats started getting smaller and faster, using enclosed cockpits rather than a traditional platform. One of the first boats of this kind, dubbed the "Skeeter," is still popular today across the U.S. and Canada.

The most popular model today, though, is the DN--named for the Detroit News, which introduced it in the mid 1930's. Ice sailing is enjoyed around the world, but the most active areas include Montana (of course), the Great Lakes region, New England, Ontario, and on into Northern Europe and Russia.

Safety & Equipment

Obviously, to go sailing, you'll need an ice sailing boat. The boat goes by many different names and configurations based on its size (from one-person crafts to large "ice yachts"), wind rating and number of runners (usually one, two or three). Part of the thrill and exhiliration of ice sailing is the speed--in fact, the world record for an ice sailing boat is 146 miles per hour, and speeds over 100 miles per hour are common! With that speed comes a responsibility to be safe. Follow these safety tips:

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