Restrictor Plate on Outboard Motor


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Restrictor Plate on Outboard Motor

The local resevoir has a horsepower/speed limit on motors. Therefore my 70 horsepower motor has to have a restrictor plate installed in order to use it on the resevoir. Can anyone tell what that consists of? I have fairly handy with auto and motor stuff but I have no idea about what this consists.
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I'd look for another place to go boating,or get a smaller motor before i'd tear into it.
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Interesting dilemma.... Typically a lake with horsepower restrictions has enforcement by local game wardens/lake patrol. They're not too keen on trying to determine whether or not your obviously oversized motor has been modified to meet the local requirements. In fact, I'm not sure how they would do so - if they were inclined to.

Restrictor plates for automotive engines are easily available - but I've never heard of one for an outboard. Not only would you have to find and install one - but then you would have to have your engine dyno'd to provide documentation that it meets the local restrictions... Pretty spendy proposition.....

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