Boat flooring - Marine Grade Ply vs. Pressure Treated


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Boat flooring - Marine Grade Ply vs. Pressure Treated

Hello. Thanks in advance for any info.

I'm replacing the front floor platform on my 1994 17' side console boat. I was going to use Marine Grade plywood until I saw the price. $100+ per sheet of which I only need approximately a 4x4 piece. Would using pressure treated plywood, with a layer of silicone on the top and bottom be doable, allowing me to use the 60+ dollars difference for a that Dri-dek flooring, or carpet?

Let me know. Thanks!

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I helped a friend replace some decking in his boat and here is what we did. Used 3/4 inch plywood, cut it to fit and put a 'hot coat' (his terminology) of fiberglass resin over that then screwed it down and glued the carpet back down. Too bad the motor was shot but this floor was stronger than original and looked good.
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I guess you can do as you please for your boat. However, the reason that they make marine plywood, it for just the purpose you need it. It is especially made. Green treated lumber will work, but, depending on where you are, you may get a ticket for polution. The green treated lumber will bleed into the water and leave a film. Green treated lumber was not made for boats. Marine plywood it. So I guess its up to you. Marine plywood is stronger also.
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pt lumber is commonly used for dock building so I don't see how it would be illegal on a boat

the only thing special about marine ply vs exterior ply is marine play has no voids (potential sources of rot ) so from that perspective it would be stronger , but not enough to notice in this application
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Mango man is correct. On the other hand, wood is wood - and will eventually rot. I recently replaced the entire floor on my boat - using 3/4inch plastic panels. It is stronger than wood, and will last forever....
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If your going to cover it . We use P/T all the time. If its going to show . Might look into 3/4" exterior Ply same glue.
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Foam floation removal

Anyone know a quick way to remove foam floation between floor and the bottom of boat. Is there a chemical that dissolves the foam?

Ed Who
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There is no easy way to remove it just chip it out.

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