Polaris SLX torque specs/assembly info needed


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Polaris SLX torque specs/assembly info needed

I get to help a friend put together a Polaris personal water craft, including one new piston. It's a 2001 polaris SLX. Does anyone know where I can get the assembly/torque specs for this? It looks pretty straightforward, but with the aluminum block and heads I know there can be some light torque specs that must be used.
My friend let his son in law use it while he was away, it started leaking water into the hull somewhere, so the son in law took it to a shop. They called and told him he needed a complete engine! (the story sounds fishy). My friend came back and found that the shop had taken the rear jug off, the second head off, and found that only the rear piston was scored up really bad. I've read about rear piston seizure in personal water crafts due to crank twist, thus causing pre-ignition on that cyl. But my friend is over 80 years old and doesn't beat on it, and never had any problems with it previously. (In fact it ran great when he left!) So he picked it up from the shop figuring they were pulling a fast one on him, since they never even looked at the water leak and just tore into the engine. Maybe some part swapping going on? The crankcase on #3 has NO signs of aluminum or contamination you would expect from a fried piston. Anyway, we have a new piston, new jug, and a set of gaskets and rings. Is there anywhere I can download the assembly manual or specs? Any help would be appreciated!
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Do a Google - include your model number and the words polaris assembly specs torques....

I found a number of them with a more generic search. In my experience - you'll possibly find it cheaper and safer to buy a rebuilt engine and just drop it in...... FWIW

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