Motor Problems


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Motor Problems

At the end of last summer, I had my boat out on the lake and it stopped going forward but it went into reverse. One of the prop blades had broken, however, I replaced it. It still wont go forward, but will go in reverse. Its a Sea Ray Seville with a inboard/outboard. I checked everything in the foot of the motor but all the bearings and rods looked good. Im at a loss for explanations.
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your prop won't affect whether or not it will change directions... Check your linkage to the transmission - make sure it's actually shifting into forward/neutral/reverse.
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The boat does not have problems. The motor does not have problems either. The boat goes and the motor runs. New prop installed.

The transmission however does have a problem. And I agree with thezster, the linkage is most often cause for shifting problems.

Linkage must be set exactly. A little slippage, cable stretch or cable out of adjustment and the gear box will not slip into drive.

Could be a problem in the lower end of the prop shaft. There is or could be a shaft rod out of adjustment also. May be best to have a boat professional determine the cause. Likely to be a simple adjustment if your handy with linkages, cables, shifters and prop shaft lower end linkages.

Removing a prop shaft can be difficult for a non professional or not having the proper tools and a service manual, etc.

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