E10 Fuel Problems ???


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E10 Fuel Problems ???

Anyone having trouble with the new E10 fuel ??

Rumors I have heard

1. Acts as a solvent when mixed with older fuel, causing "sludge" to form clogging everything

Due to the gas sitting in the boats for more than a couple of days --

2. The alcohol from the E10 draws the moisture in your tank to and causes it to "sludge" again in your tank.

3. When #2 happens, this causes the octane to go down because you have now lost some of the alcohol which made up the gas in the first place.

I read this in one of the local Maryland free paper flyers. Star-Brite products (??) has an additive to fix the issue.

They said this is not an issue with cars because the are moving much more duing teh week and go through 15-20 gallons in a week, were as your boat could have 80 gallons sitting for a couple of weeks
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There are reported issues with E10 as you mention.... unfounded, but perisistent - however, as it's not that widespread yet - it shouldn't be an issue finding regular gasoline.... until then... an additive is cheap insurance.... Another difference between a car and a boat - when your car breaks down - there are usually other cars close by... which isn't always the case with your boat....

Additionally, unless you're using premium grade gasoline - an octane booster is typically recommended by the manufacturer.................

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