88 cobra commander boat floor soft spot


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88 cobra commander boat floor soft spot

I have an 88 cobra commander 19' ski boat, closed bow. The boat has been sitting for a while now covered but outside. I noticed up toward the front at the closed bow between driver and passenger seat that there seemed to be some cracking noise when I stepped there. It also seemed to depress a little when stepping in that location. The whole bottom of the boat is covered in carpet and the stringers are actually elevated or protruding(in other words you would trip on them if no seats were in the boat. My question is, do any of you think that this is a repair that I can do on my own? I'm currently not positive whether it is wood or fiber. Is there anything below that sub floor which the stringers seem to sit on, other than foam type of material? Can I simply treat the location and then resin/epoxy that spot and get further longevity without replacing it all(then cover it again with carpet(what type of adhesive do I use for the carpet)? The spot seems to be about 4''x4'' in diameter. Can anyone give me the case scenario for both wood vs fiber or the best way to fix?
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There is no good way to tell what damage has been done without removing the carpeting and making a visual and physical inspection. Most likely only the horizontal floor is damaged do to wood rot. Or you should hope so.

Weakened or rotted strings must be replaced. Not a do it yourself job if not handy and knowledgeable. More to the job then just replacing beams. If you can visually see evidence of wood rot in the stringers, have a professional replace the damaged stringers. Stringers do more then just support the floor.

I would not suggest any type of chemical treatment. Nor covering up the supports or flooring with any materials until all the damaged areas are repaired or replaced. Hiding or covering up the problem does not solve it.

Once all the wood is inspected and repaired as needed, floor covering is the last and easiest job. Any boat repair facility can do the job. Boat stores have the chemicals needed to adhere the new carpeting to the flooring.

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