Water leak At dash.


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Question Water leak At dash.

It apears water is leaking out of the dashboard in to the cuddy when my boat is under way .Would this have something thing to do with the speedo ? I thought it used air pressure.Just got the boat speedo don't work. If I took the tubing off at the stern Would it stop leaking? Help
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More than likely - Yes. Simply disconnecting it will clear up the problem for now. Check the tubing at the speedo itself to make sure it's connected and not split. If it looks okay, you probably have a busted diaphram in the instrument itself, allowing the water from the pickup tube to flow through it and onto the dashboard.

The instrument uses air pressure that increases as water pressure from the pickup increases.... If you have a leak at the instrument, either inside it or at the hose connection, then naturally the water from the pickup will make it through that leak.

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