Rotten Transom on 17ft 1990 Rinker outboard


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Rotten Transom on 17ft 1990 Rinker outboard

The lower half (only) of the wood board behind the transom is rotten on my V170 1990 Rinker outboard with a Johnson 88 SPL outboard. Looks like the original wood was not even glassed over.

As you can see from the picture,,,, (hmmm, how do youy post pictures here?), the hull and transom is ONE PICE piece, and I can not get the wood plank out, unless I cut into the boat, and I am not that technicaly inclined. As a student, I cannot afford to take it to a shop either.

I want to either cut it out and replace it with new marine wood or treat it if possible.

Before I get working, I could use any advice you have.

1. Should I actually replace the lower rottne part or resin e treat it to make it stronger and stop the rot? If so, which products do you recommend?

2. Is there any risk if I use the boat as is for now, without changing the wood?

3. Is it good enough to replace only the lower part? If not, how do I replace the entire plank, it seems like the fiber glass folds over the top part and there is no way to take it apart to get to it?

4. Does a hydrofoil add more pressure on the lower screws and transom, and if so, should I remove the hydrofoil?

5. If I replace it, the lower two screws that hold the outboard motor run through the fiber glass hull and wooden board. Are there any tricks to remove the screws without damaging the fiberglass?

6. Do I need to take the motor off the boat before I do this, or having the motor help by the top two screws should be good enough?

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First thing I would say is that because the piece of rotten wood likely contributes to the overall strength of the transom I would not recommend you use the boat.
You would not like the motor separating from the boat with you in it.

It is very hard to say how without seeing but you need to replace the wood and have it tie in as it did when the boat was made.

To have us see pictures you need to upload them to a free photo host like Photo Bucket and provide the links.

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