boat transom outboard repair on 1973 Crusiers


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boat transom outboard repair on 1973 Crusiers

My 1973 transom which i only have a 60 hp on has dry rot which is wet. I am in the process of drying it out by using the exsisting mount holes.
The plan is to use a CPES or pentrating epoxy to help bond and strnthen wood fibers.
I do have a full steel plate reinforced on both sides which does just fine, but I fear the compression between the fiberglass skin. I have taken this plae off to help the dry out process.
Any suggestions?

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I hate to burst your bubble - but trying to "dry out" the wood that is sandwiched between the fiberglass covering is right at impossible. Any moisture left in the wood once your repairs are completed is going to continue to eat away at the structure. I noticed your note that you "only" have a 60hp engine on the boat, but that 60hp can generate a lot of stress on your transom. Maybe it's just me, but I've never had quality results with those "wood strengtheners" that you describe.

The proper way to do the repair is to remove the engine and cover plates - and cut out the rotted portion of the wood - replacing with new and reglassing once replaced. There is a product out there that I've used in the past (the name escapes me) that is a fiberglass based mix designed for this particular repair. The process entails cutting the top off the transom, digging out the rotted wood, and pouring this mixture into the resulting cavity. It claims to provide enough structural strength to support your size engine and more. I've used it to repair rotted stringers that were not far enough gone to replace the entire stringer - and with good success. You should be able to find it by doing a Google search for transom repair products - as I recall, it came from a company in Florida.

Good luck - you've got quite a job ahead of you if you plan to do it correctly - though at some point, you will ask yourself if a 34yr old boat is worth the trouble.
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I found the web site... and am posting it below... this forum sometimes frowns on what could be considered "advertisement" - so... I'll also post the name: SeaCast...

If it doesn't come through... PM me...
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There also is the West System that work good with wood. Its a epoxy setup.
Like said dig all the old wood out or you will still have " dry rot " down in there.
Defender marine will have it

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