12 vot frig problems


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12 vot frig problems

I have a Norcold Mo DC-351 D marine frig that has a compressor and after I put a quick charge on batteries which I found out you are not supposed to do with unit on, the compressor will not come on. I have the wireing diagram and the power is going at least through the thermo and to the fan but past that I haven't yet checked.What could I have done by quick charging the batteries. Randy

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Id check the compressor first ,Ohm it to ground. I dont recall if they had a capacitor in them or not. might see if so and is it good.
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Chargers that I am familiar with when quick charge is selected use a higher voltage to do it.
It could be possible that the compressor windings or starting components have been damaged.

In order to check this you would have to determine as Ed said if the windings have been affected.
If the windings check out ok then the problem could be the relay and/or capacitor if it has one.

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