heat light, water pump intermitent problem on I/O


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heat light, water pump intermitent problem on I/O

I have an 1994 Ebbtide boat with Yamaha I/O. When I start it up I it will intermitantly show that water level is low and heat begins to rise. It then begins to work fine once I punch the throttle and plane out. It then works fine until the next time I shut off engine and restart. It then may or may not experience the same problem. This happens about once every 7 times I start the boat. I am not sure why pump would not pump water sometimes but not others. And why it would always work perfectly after I open up and plane it out. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Your water pump is failing. At speed, there is enough pressure on the water intake to keep water flowing through the engine... when you're not moving, the pump is not keeping up....

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