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the striping on my boat is in need of repair. What is the best way to remove the old tape striping?
Also, when putting on new striping tape, are there any particular ways to do it?
Thank you
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The key to removing those old stripes is judicious use of a single edged razor blade... just enough pressure to remove the old without gouging the gel coat. There are products made to remove old striping adhesive(look on Overton's web site), but I can't vouch for their quality/effectiveness. Those old stripes have become brittle and stiff over time and there is, to me, nothing like careful work to remove them. Once they're off - a good solvent like acetone or alcohol will work to remove the remaining adhesive. You want to make sure all the adhesive is gone and the surface is clean and smooth before putting on the new stripes.

The new ones should be the same size, or larger, than the old - as the gel coat will be darker in the areas where the old stripes were (fading). I like to apply the new by removing the backing in 2 - 3 foot sections and lightly (very lightly) laying the new stripes down on the surface. Once you're sure you've got them lined up properly, dab with a soft rag the surface of the new stripes until you're sure that ''wiping them" won't make them stretch. Once in a satisfactory position, dab them harder and harder until you can ''wipe them'' with that clean soft rag. With caution, you can make the new stripes appear "factory fresh" with no sags/bumps/etc. Should you get a bubble under a stripe (larger width striping) - stick a straight pin into the bubble, and slowly work from the edges to the pin hole to remove the bubble.

Have fun... it's not as hard as it seems....

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