trailering an outboard


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trailering an outboard

I have a 9.9 horse kicker motor on my boat. What is the correct position to trailer it? In other words do you trailer it tilted or in a vertical position?
Thank you.
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vertical takes most of the stress off the transom as well as the tilt bracket on the outboard caused by the engine bouncing around as the boat is trailered....
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I trailered my O.B.Vertical
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with a 9.9 if you can remove it from the boat, that is your best choice. If not, always trailer an outboard tilted
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If you had a larger outboard motor that could possibly damage the lower unit by dragging it - I would agree with the above post - assuming, of course, that you also had a support for the lower unit attached to the trailer. If there is ground clearance (which the 9.9 certainly has) then vertical would be the trailering method of choice.
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I have an old 15 Horse on a 12' Livingston. Built and installed a transom saver just to be safe.

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