Through hull dpeth finder transducer


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Through hull dpeth finder transducer

Any ideas on the best adhesive to use and location to mount a through the hull transducer. It is only for a indash dpeth finder on the fiberglass runabout.

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You need to use epoxy or a similar rigid adhesive.
There needs to be a positive connection to the inside of the hull.

You might want to take the boat out on the water to find the best spot.
You should put the transducer in an area where there is the smoothest water leaving the boat while under way.

This is a somewhat hazardous thing to do but if you can have a trusted person at the controls and watch the rear while moving at a fast speed you will see where the water is smoothest.

It is often halfway between the center and outboard side of the boat but your hull could do different things to the flow.
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If you have the room there. I have put many inside the boat in whats called a wet box. Like said find the right spot for it in the water.They work just fine. If you mount it as a through the hull transducer. Then we just set them in Good old 3M 5200 marine sealant

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