Thermostat question


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Thermostat question

I have a model year 2000 135 I/O Volvo Penta motor 3.0 GS . Just had exhaust manifold replaced. In the water five minutes and hose that goes from exhaust riser to exhaust pipe blew out. It had been replaced last year and had thermostsat replaced at same time because they were there. Talked to place that just replaced manifold figuring they must have done something when they fixed it that caused hose to go. They looked at it tell me the thermostat was in backwards and this caused the problem. The boat has never overheated and I have used it for tubing all summer no overheating. I am also somewhat OCD about watching for overheating never came close.
My question is what would have happened if thermostat was in backwards? Could a leaking manifold keep engine cooler? Do you think that hose could be damaged when replacing manifold?
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Hello: gaggrog

In most cases, there is no likely way a thermostat can be installed back wards. (Upside down) Tower side to tall to fit into housing. And if T-Stat where installed upside down you would have know long time ago.

Engine would have over heated or run very HOT before the current fix. Temperature sensor is at the base of the T-Stat, not the top. Upside down it would not have been able to correctly sense temp.

Just an excuse used by shop because someone thinks boaters (most of them anyway... are not knowledgeable enough to know the difference. And many are not sad to say. Problem is that industry is not governed by rules like the auto repair industry is. Most boaters simply pay and rarely complain. Accept the costs as part of being a boat owner.

What likely happened is hose disconnected on only one end instead of being totally removed. Bent out of the way in other words. Doing so likely caused a kink which created a weak spot where the damage occurred. Hose failed under the pressure, as a result.

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Thanks for the info It sounded fishy to me nice to know that someone who knows about these things agrees. I'll be talking to them soon.

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