boat wont shift


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boat wont shift

hay hows everyone.i just bought a 23 ft mach-1 by condor.its a 1987 inboard outboard 454 cheverolet.runs great.just redid all the interior.when i got the boat it was all in peices as far as the interior.the shift linkage and throttle was all appart.I remounted it and put it back together.when i got to the ocean the motor would crank fine however when i put it in gear I couldnt put it back in neutral or reverse unless i shut the motor off.same when i put it into reverse i couldnt shift to forward or neutral unless i shut engine off.someone said idle was to high.I turned idle as low as i can without motor stalling and that didnt do anything.I still cant shift unless i shut motor off.what could be the problem?
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What is your rpm at idle?
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One or both of the shift cables may be out of adjustment, the lower shift cable may be bad, or switch interrupter switch may be bad or disconnected.

Disconnect the lower shift cable at the bracket and see if it will shift without the motor running. Then crank it up while on the hose and see if you can shift it by hand.

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