fuel contamination???


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Unhappy fuel contamination???

I winterized my boat (1988 Bayliner 2.3L ) about October 2005 and had the fuel tank at about 3/4 full with Stabilizer and some instead-o-lead by Bardahl because in 88 it required leaded fuel.
I tried to start the pig and it wouldn't fire. A shot of either in the carb and she fired up for a second or two. This was telling me I had a fuel problem I summized. I added 8 gallons of fresh gas to try spike it up a bit and installed a new spin on fuel separator/ fuel filter and precharged it with fresh gas and it ran rough but ran for about 30 seconds and then the same old thing. The smell of the gas reminded me of an old junk yard I visited when I was a kid. I decided to remove the gas but its hell to try siphon the gas out because I think it has bafflers in the fill tube because a plastic tube won't go into the bottom of the tank. Its an aluminum tank thats fiberglassed in. I tried to siphon the tank today through the fuel outlet line connection to the fuel filter and it takes some considerable suction to draw the gas up the line as if it were some kind of antisiphon safety device. It definitely won't gravity drain by its own weight and would like to know how I can drain this gas out of the tank without killing myself...any ideas?? The dealers mechanic I spoke with today said he's had boats that were down for two years with stabilized fuel and they started right up without a hitch...???
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Just a thought - the gas in your tank might be okay - but, did you run it through the carb when you stabilized it? It's possible the gas in the carb bowls gummed up your carburator and/or fuel filter (different from your water separator).
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just a thought

I might just try it anyway...I usually do but maybe I didn't run it long enough . I'll try it tommorow and let you know what happens.
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05 too now 3/4 full could you have water in there????? Id pull the carb and clean it. You could buy a electric gas pump and put it on the fuel line . That way you could pump the tank dry . Can just let it in line after your done

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