Winterizing an Outboard


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Winterizing an Outboard

Hi I have a 1989 Mercury 40 HP outboard (1st year I have ever had a boat). In Sept. I noticed a large oil leak from the Prop area and subsequently had the seals and O ring replaced . When I took the boat out of the water, at the end of the season , Oct 14th, I noticed a small gear lube oil leak again; about 1 ounce I'd guess.

Question; should I drain the lower unit again before freeze up, to make sure there is no water in there? Secondly, is that amount of seepage normal, or should I again replace the seals, O ring?

Many thanks
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Draining the lower unit and refilling is a LOT cheaper than cracking the lower unit due to a freeze-up. It's a good habit to always drain and refill the lower unit the last time it comes out of the water for the season.

Why replace the seals and o-rings again? It didn't seem to help the first time. I wonder if the shaft is slightly worn under the seal lips and that is why the repair is leaking.

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