Carburation Problems


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Carburation Problems

Had some problems last Spring with my motor (50 HP Evinrude) quitting on me. Had it checked and the cause was bad spark plugs. They were replaced and I put the boat in again for the first time today (Nov) and the boat was very sluggish starting, idle seemed erratic (fast...slow) only using the manual throttle. Finally got it moving, but never went very far from the dock as it seemed unresponsive to the speed controller. I had to push the lever about 3/4 forward just to get the boat going forward slowly and then it didn't take much movement forward to pick up speed. Never went to full forward on the control as it the speed control seemed stiff.
When I pulled it out of the water, I removed the "hood" to observe the response of the linkage to the speed control at the carburator. At the first "detent" on the speed control which would normally be the "no wake" setting (slow forward), I saw no movement of the linkage to the carburator although there was movement of the cable itself at the motor. The carburator linkage was only actuated by moving the speed control lever past the 1/2 forward mark. The linkage didn't seem very responsive, but I'm no mechanic! Not sure whether my problem was in the speed control lever, the carburator linkage or both? I did notice that when the manual throttle was used to keep the motor from stalling, it still ran very erratic and stalled out once at high speed using the manual throttle. I pulled the plugs and they looked OK. Could the problem be "bad" gas? The gas has been in storage for over a year. Any thoughts? I will probably wait until next Spring now before putting it in the water as cold weather is returning to the Charlotte, NC area.
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Saw your post. I'm not well versed on boats, but been into engines a lot. Gas that's a year old is an automatic problem with todays' fuels. Try to keep fuel in use under a month old.

Even though you won't using the boat until spring, I would take the old fuel out and put in fresh with a fuel stabilizer for winter.

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Good old evinrude,
If you disconnect the remote throttle and try to
advance the throttle from the engine handle does the
magneto advance and actuate the carb follower?
sounds like maybe you have a linkage or neutral
overrev adjustment out of whack.
Could also be just a stiff remote control cable.
try to diconnect it and throttle it manually.
Just with the shifter in gear and the engine OFF.

The gas should be ok after only one year.
It would be a good idea though, with the blended
fuels, to use a conditioner treatment all the time.

Well we can get into the ethanol issues later.

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