Sluggish engine


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Sluggish engine

I have a 1994 inline 4 115HP Merc on my 19ft proline CC and when i put the throttle down all the way its very sluggish..put it this way i cant get the average skier up on my boat it doest have the pop...another instance is when you put it down the doesn't rev a whole lot may be to like 3000 rpm and then takes its time getting to W.O.T shouldn't it rev all the way up...also something that makes my confused is if i have like a skier or tuber behind my boat the engine never reaches the W.O.T 5000 or w/e it is when its put down all the way since when does weight make a difference on how fast the prop spins?

If you have any ideas about this merc Please email me at
[email protected] thank you very much
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Sounds like a carburation issue - possibly your accelerator pump...
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Bad/old gas
Dirty fuel/water separator
Dirty carb

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