How long do I have to wait


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Question How long do I have to wait

I have a 34 Tollycraft that I am installing a Raymarine A 60GPS and chartpotter/fish finder. The boat is in the water for the winter and will be taken out for a short haul in the early spring ( April ) to replace the zinks and clean the bottom and the water intake grill covers etc. The GPS came with a transom mounted transducer which I couldn't use due to my propellers being direct drives so we ordered a thru hull tilted element depth transducer. The instructions seem detailed enough except in two areas.
1.They say to use a marine grade sealant and tell me how and where to apply it. Can anyone tell me what actual brand to buy ?
2. I am not sure how long the boat will be out of the water. I would guess not over an hour to an hour and a half. Does the sealant need more time to cure ? Does the sealant need any time to cure ?
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Thru hull means the transducer is mounted inside the boat. Unless you have the plug out or the boat leaks the tranducer will not get wet. ( I suppose if it was raining then it might) Make sure the sealant is 100% silicone. Brand should not matter.
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I did the thru the hull transducer and found its performance to be suspect. In short, it is great for giving me depth readings, but is useless for detecting fish. Either that or I am the worst fisherman out there. Constant false readings. It also won't give you the water temp. only the temp of the engine compartment.

You will need an adhesive that cures rock hard for the transducer to work. My fist attempt used a marine sealant and everytime the engine compartment heated up, I lost all signals. I ended up using a 2 part epoxy, can't remember the brand off the top of my head, but it was refered to as Plastic Welder. Bought it at the local hardware store.

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