Fiber glass repairs


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Fiber glass repairs

whats the easy methed of repairing a small dock rub hole say 3inches x2inches will body filler work looking for cheap easy way out...thx...forgot to add no past fiber glass exp.
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body filler has absolutely no strength. You should use fiberglass and the appropriate resin (most likey an isopthalic polyester resin) and lay in a patch.

The is a wealth of "how to" on the net that can provide very detailed advice as to exactly how to do this. It would take pages upon pages to describe the entire process here although I can answer questions if you have them.

It is not all that difficult but it is messy.
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thanx for the info will ck with boat store for more on this subject again thank you Dave...
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What exactly does this hole look like.
Is it a clear opening right through the fiberglass that is 3 x 2 or a hole that still has some fiberglass.
In other words can you put your hand through it?

If it is not right through then you could use a chopped fiberglass filler.
One brand is Kitty Hair but every auto body supply maker has

If your hole is not completely right through you would first use some coarse sandpaper to penetrate the gel coat in an area larger than the hole so the chopped glass filler can bond to the sides of the hole.
You then mix in the hardener according to the instructions which is usually a pea size drop of hardener to a golf ball sized piece of filler.
Fill the hole and try to make the first fill shy of the surface so you can add a second coat to bring the level to near surface.
Use a waterproof two part autobody filler to finish and smooth out the surface.

If you have a hole you can put your hand through you will need to use fiberglass cloth with requires a bit more work.
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To be safe and you dont know if the boat is polyester resin. Be sure and use the epoxy kind to patch it with. Might go to They will have all you need. They have a WEST System small repair pack for $9.00 with instruction.

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