Outboard Motor question, 3 cyl. vrs 4 cyl...


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Smile Outboard Motor question, 3 cyl. vrs 4 cyl...

Hi Group,

I have been looking (online) for a 1994 - 2004/5 90 HP outboard motor.
Does anyone know the differences between a 3 cylinder outboard, and a 4 cylinder outboard motor?
I'm thinking just Evinrude, Johnson or Mercury.
Which would be lighter in weight?
Which would be more fuel efficient?
Are there any concerns with the 'oil injection systems'?
Any OTHER concerns or comments that you could give me to help me decide which motor would be the best one for me?


Irv Ambler
New Fairfield, CT ([email protected] or [email protected])
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As a general rule, anything in that year range will be relatively fuel efficient, etc... per your needs..... The difference between 3 cylinders and 4 is - obviously, the size of the pistons to equate to the HP you want. You've picked out name brands - which will all provide, no doubt, everything you want. When it comes to boating - things like fuel efficiency tend to go out the window... if you've got the $$ for boating, you've got the $$ for fuel.

While I'm not a big outboard fan - I do try to keep abreast of trends... and make sure you pick up a 4 cycle vs a 2 cycle - as upcoming legislation is making the 2 cycle go the way of the dinosaur.
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My guess that the difference between 3 and 4 cylnder would be the weight if the engines...not a big difference. Johnson/Evinrude has the new ETEC engine which is a 2 stroke with the same emissions as a 4 stroke but you need to use a mineral oil or synthetic blend...but it still burns oil none the less. I have friends that has 4 strokes and I have friends with ETEC's. Both engines are good and all are happy with their choices. I suggest that you speak with someone at a dealer who could give you specs of both. It's all down to what you feel is more important. Hope this helps.

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