4 stroke vs 2 stroke


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4 stroke vs 2 stroke

with the soaring price of fuel, I have considered a different engine. You see, I love (well like alot) my 2101 seaswirl striper with the Johnson 2 stroke, but it isn't very fuel efficient. I was thinking about going to a smaller 4 stroke engine. I don't want to get rid of my boat(it's paid for) and I thought if I went to an engine of less horse power as well as being a 4 stroke, this might help with the fuel dilemma. Any thoughts on size (h.p.) of the new engine? Thank you.
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2 stroke/4 stroke... an outboard is an outboard - and fuel efficiency isn't one of the things either is known for (all things considered). You don't say what size or age engine you're currently running - or how it performs for you. If you have more HP than you need, then downsizing will certainly provide some fuel savings - though simply cutting down the throttle will do pretty much the same thing. With new engines running in the thousands of dollars - you would have to use your boat a lot to realize a return on your investment (I mean a whole lot - figure how many gallons/year you're currently burning and from there you should be able to roughly calculate how long it would take you to recoup the price of a new engine at a 10% savings).

Nice thing about having more engine than you need is - when you do need the power - it's available.

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