gas tank problems


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gas tank problems

I have a 52 gallon tank which when full I can only use 14 gallons then the boat stalls. As soon as I put in more gas it starts right up. I guess it is the pick up line. Is this easy to repair or does anyone have another idea?
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Sounds like your pickup doesn't reach the bottom of the tank - which I find a tad strange unless it's an aftermarket system that someone screwed up. Should be easy enough to troubleshoot. Remove the pickup line from the tank (should unscrew - though you might have to remove seats/etc. to get at it)... do some careful measuring to see if it's at the bottom of the tank or not. You might also find that the pickup tube is corroded or has a leak around the 14 gallon mark - allowing the suction to cease as air enters the pinhole.

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