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Cool mildrew removal

Just bought a used Wellcraft cabin boat. The inside has padded fabric sides and bulkheads which is now dry, but has heavy mildew stains. How can it be cleaned and restored?
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Unfortunately, the mildew has also gotten into the padding and can't be removed or cleaned. Best thing is to have all the fabric and padding removed and have it reupholstered.
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Mold and mildew stains are next to impossible to remove. At best they can be lightened. As indicated, even if you could clean the upholstery, the padding has been invaded.

Mold/mildew is a problem in boats because they are closed up all winter and are poorly ventilated without humidity control. Mold/mildew spores are everywhere in the air. When they find a soiled, damp, poorly ventilated area, they tend to settle in and set up housekeeping.

Thus, boat owners have boats detailed so all surfaces are thoroughly clean before putting in storage where they use dessicants to absorb any humidity that may remain in the boat after shrink wrapping. In addition to all the steps required to winterize the boat so it does not become damaged by winter temps, there is some housekeeping that needs to be done both inside and out.
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We use a MARYHATE mildew stain remover. If you cant find it go to they have it.
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Great results

My husband bought a mildew removal product a month or so ago to remove mildew on some life jackets and also to use in our boat. It has worked great! In fact, we haven't seen the mildew return yet on some of the things we've used it on.

I will check with my husband and find out what the product is.
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Mildew Stain Away

The product is Mildew Stain Away and is made by Amazon Premium Products. The website they have listed on the bottle is
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Most of the non-bleach mildew stain removers are enzyme digester cleaners. Enzymes must be given time to digest organic stains, requiring affected areas to be kept damp with cleaner. Effectiveness of complete stain removal will depend on severity of stain. At best, one can usually expect to lighten stains. Enzyme digester cleaners are marketed under many names, such as pet mess cleaners, OdoBan, Nature's Miracle Out, and others.

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