Honda b100 ( 9.9) water pump replacement


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Honda b100 ( 9.9) water pump replacement

Help ! Replaced water pump impeller and housing. Removed shift actuator and rod while doing such, reassembled...shift handle would not travel all the way to 3rd detent. seams to stay in reverse gear. Disassembled , shift shaft does'nt seam to move up and down doing anyhting...stays in reverse. Removed and replaced shift actuator and rod several times change. Staight side of actuator goes forward and notches to rear ..yes? Is there something in there that moved out of position? Is it supposed to be sping loaded idown in that hole? Thanks , Davy.
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Don't feel too bad - it's pretty easy to miss a step when dis-assembling/re-assembling something like this. I'm gonna guess that you're going to need to head to your dealer's service center with these questions. They're usually pretty good about handing free advice to folks who got stuck. Your questions are very specific to brand/model - and I'll be willing to bet you're not going to get satisfaction here... We're good - but not necessarily that good!!!

You might also try Honda's web site and look around for an exploded diagram of the assembly... might get lucky and get the answer to your dilemma.

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