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questions about towing and salt water

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05-02-08, 10:51 AM   #1  
questions about towing and salt water

My sig other and I are looking into getting a boat. We have a 4 cyl Nissan Versa. Does not have a hitch but I know we can get one installed.

What I do not know is what to look for in terms of being able to a pull a boat.

Do I look at the weight of the boat and trailer? Is there something about the balance of the trailer that offsets this weight? I really do not even know what word to describe it (torque?) but I am trying to figure out if we can pull a smallish boat in the 18-20' range.

Also: we live in CT near the sound, so there is salt water and thats where we would use our boat.

Now I know that I have to watch out and make sure that the engines on a boat are salt water compatible but what should I be physically looking at in order to tell? Id rather see proof than to be told it is safe on salt water only to find out after purchase it was not.

Thanks for any insight.

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05-02-08, 11:07 AM   #2  
You might want to play with the trailer that came with the boat. To see it sets right on it and the tongue wt. is what you need.
For salt water yes you have to wash it out and the whole boat. The motor check and make sure that it has good zinc anodes in it . For a good tow hitch .Might look at a pro ski pylon kind. check out both www.defender.com also www.overtons.com fo that kind of stuff. Have a good one

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05-02-08, 11:19 AM   #3  
I have to ask...whats the rated towing capacity of this car? That should be in the manual or available from the dealer. A quick search showed about 1100 lbs w/o trailer brakes, but 2200 lbs w/brakes. I didn't look too closely, but I think that might have been in AU. An 18-20Ft boat is going to be wayyy more than those spec's I would think.

You can put a hitch on anything, but that doesn't mean its safe. And what will it do to the warranty?

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05-05-08, 05:45 AM   #4  
Gun guy is right on. Check the rated towing capacity for the vehicle. I'm afraid that anything other than an aluminum skiff with a reasonable sized outboard will be about all you can tow with that little vehicle.

Since we're going to be limited by weight - an inboard or inboard/outboard is going to be out of the question - you start getting some weight with that block inside the boat. That means you're looking at an outboard engine - which isn't a bad thing. The nice thing about outboards is that they are designed for fresh and salt water - regular flushing of the water systemw will prolonge the life of the motor - as will regular washing/rinsing of the boat and trailer (don't forget the trailer - I've had one literally disintegrate on me from salt water exposure).

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