How do I raise transom?


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How do I raise transom?

I have a little 12' aluminum rowboat and an old 2HP outboard. Although the outboard is a short shaft it's still too deep in the water and there's no provision to raise it on the clamp. How can I raise the transom 2" and still be strong enough to support the motor? My transom is 1/4" ply piece on outside and 3/4" thick board on the inside sandwiching the thin hull & held by some sort of real long rivets. There's an aluminum cap trimming the top edge. I don't know if any of that matters but thought I should include it...
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Pretty easy fix, depending on how concerned you are about the "looks" of the finished product. I've done it in the past when I had a long shaft motor and needed to raise the engine enough to make it run properly. Take a short piece of 2X6 or 2X8 - pressure treated, and simply bolt it on the back of the boat with the top edge at the level you desire, using stainless bolts. Attach the engine - and go fishin....

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