procedure for starting an outdoor motor


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procedure for starting an outdoor motor

I have a used boat with a 90HP Yamamha motor on it-2005.
I drained both batteries trying to start it yesterday.
Can anyone tell me the procedure for starting the motor so this doesnt happen again
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first are you shure you have fuel getting to the motor, if you are useing portable tanks make sure the vents are open. prime the fuel line after hooking it up to the engine. then Pull a spark plug and reconnect the plug wire and lay that plug down on a solid metal surface so that you can observe the spark, try cranking with a well charged battery, if no spark you will have to trouble shoot that first. if spark does your choke/enrichment knob work? did you notice the smell of fuel when cranking. you might try spraying a little chemtool into the aircleaner opening when cranking but not much as there is no lubricant in it a very much will damage the engine.

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As a general rule, the initial problem with most outboards is lack of fuel when it won't start. (Note: General rule). To troubleshoot - get some engine starting fluid and spray some into the carb intake (remove the air cleaners) - then crank the engine. If it tries to start, or starts then dies - then your problem is fuel supply - either carburation or fuel pump (supply).

As mentioned above - if the engine doesn't try to start with the application of starting fluid - then you should check the spark to the plugs - via the method mentioned above. Make sure your plugs are relatively clean (buy new ones - they're cheap) when you check out the spark.

More information might be helpful. Have you run it before? Did it run well or not at all...? Give us specifics as to what it did when you drained your batteries... (the engine, not the batteries).... Your engine, in good condition, should start within 30 seconds of hitting the starter key. Or, at least try to start (coughing/spitting/etc.). With more information, we might be able to tie down the area of the problem.

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