Yamaha 30 HP. hesitates when accelerated


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Yamaha 30 HP. hesitates when accelerated

Last summer I had to take the three carbs. off and clean them out. Got everything back together and it runs good except when you are idleing and start opening the throttle, sometimes it hesitates and doesn't want to go to full throttle. Give it a little choke and it will take off. It's like it isn't getting the gas for some reason.
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Sounds like the accelerator pumps in the carbs are not properly adjusted or need repair.
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Do your carbs have accelerator pumps? Those are normally visible when you take the top off the float bowl. Not always, but they usually sit in the corner of the float bowl. It's a small post mounted in a spring with a flap over it cut into the base gasket. Sometimes the cleaning process doesn't get in the small well where these things sit, so they stay gummy and don't squirt the required extra gas to prevent fuel starvation until the vacuum increase picks up the fuel.

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