white smoke ?


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white smoke ?

Hello all

Just started my seadoo after winter storage. I encountered a lot of white smoke. It has not yet been in the water this year. Started on dry land. Is this smoke indicative of a cracked block ? I ran the seadoo on land before storing.
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If, (IF) she was properly winterized, with fogging of cylnders and carb, than most of smoke you're encountering is probably the lube used to winterize the engine. Run it on the water for a while (hour or so) and see if your problem doesn't go away...

If your concerned about a cracked block, run it on the water for that hour or so, then check your engine oil for a milky color, indicating water leaking through a crack in the block. If, in fact, that's the issue, then running it isn't going to do a whole lot more damage than you're facing anyway.... (which would be pretty major)...

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