fuel filter problem? 1999 SeaDoo GTX repair help


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Question fuel filter problem? 1999 SeaDoo GTX repair help

starts, idles, won't go faster than maybe 10mph when giving it gas. is it the fuel filter? if so, where is it located. what else could be the problem? plugs are good, covered w/ oil, seems like it's not getting gas. was riding it, slowed to an idle, then when tried to give it gas it would not gain hardly any speed.
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While not necessarily the case, it does sound like the fuel filter or the fuel pump.... Pull up the schematics on the unit to find the fuel filter (probably internal to the fuel system). On the other hand, the plugs should "NOT" be covered in oil.... you might be running way rich...
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There is a fuel filter just under and behind the front storage compartment. It is a bowl with a screen. Turn fuel switch off, unscrew bowl, and remove screen. Expect to spill a small amount of fuel, so have a small bucket handy. Carefully clean the screen using low pressure air.
There are also internal filters inside the carbs. It sounds like your carbs may need to be removed and cleaned. Running your ski in the condition you describe could be a bad idea.

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