Celebrity 180FS


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Celebrity 180FS

Anyone have opinions on Celebrity brand boats? I know they no longer manufacturer boats and I have found that Bombardier bought them out in '95 but I would like to know about the value, reliability, parts availability, etc. if anyone can tell me.
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What model/year are you contemplating?

Celebrity went out of business for a reason.... Without searching (I'm not familiar with the brand) - I can't say if it was construction/price/value or what that caused their demise. On the other hand, many, many manufacturer of good solid well built boats have gone out of business over the past 10 years as the boat building business continues to consolidate. (The competition ski boat I own has gone out of business and revived twice over the past 20 years).

Boats are boats, for the most part - look at the specifics of the one you're interested in. The "boat" part includes everything except the engine/drive train - which will be from another manufacturer. Is the hull sound? Is the floorboard/stringers rotted? There are few "bad boat brands" - just some isolated instances of poor maintenance over the years by owners. (though this isn't necessarily true of Baylliner crap).

More info please - and I'll try to provide some rationale...

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