115 hp 83 Evinrude Idle/Engaging problems


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115 hp 83 Evinrude Idle/Engaging problems

I am having trouble with my boat motor. I have changed the spark plugs. The issue is with the idle and engaging it into gear. When I engage the motor the engine dies. It will run fine at an idle but stops when I engage the motor. I have messed with the idle adjustment, etc., it may be out of wack. Any ideas?
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quickest/easiest way is to increase the idle speed control slowly until the engine stays running when you engage the transmission.... this isn't without it's faults however - and, if the carburation is a true issue, then you're gonna end up with a high idle and a huge "kathunk" when you put it in gear....
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I have much the same problem with my 48hp evinrude

I have a mid-80's 48 hp with the same issue. I have tweaked around on the idle a million times for a couple seasons now and the motor runs rough at idle unless I turn it way up and like the previous reply, it'll really clunk when you put it in gear which worries me. I'm pretty sure the carb may need rebuilt because I've tried new plugs, sea foam, etc. with little or no improvement. Runs great at higher speeds but idles like crap. I'll keep an eye on this thread and do some research. Not sure how much there is to rebuilding carb on this motor but that's what it'll probably take. Good Luck!

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