Tips for selling and sale price


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Tips for selling and sale price

Our big screen TV died and so I've demanded that my husband sell our boat so we won't go into debt over this huge TV he wants to buy...

How do I determine a selling price? I called a dealership and the guy was not at all helpful. I am hoping some of you nice folks could give me some direction. We bought it brand new in 1990 but it doesn't have the gage that tells how much time it was on the lake. We rarely used it, we bought it because we loved to ski - my husband went fishing all of two times (not much of a fisherman). Since before our first child was born in 1999, it has been sitting under the carport taking up space. I really want it gone and would like to put it on Craig's list. The problem is that my husband won't tell me a price, just keeps saying "I don't know". I'm sick of everybody fighting over TV time so I'm desperate to sell it...he's not here to listen to it all day!

Anyway, how do I determine a fair price? It's a 16 ft Searay with 115 HP outboard motor. We used the top once, It may be in good shape or may be dry rotted.

Thanks for any tips you may have. I really need to sell it fast!
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You can get used boat values from the NADA blue book - but keep in mind that boats are a lot different than cars when it comes to value. (google Used boat prices)...

An 18 year old boat, regardless of hours/condition isn't going to bring much.... per NADA..... but it does provide a starting point.

You'll have to look at the condition of the boat, possible hidden damage, and the overall age of the unit.... and expect a lot less than you want.

If you decide to sell.. get it in the ads ASAP... as folks buy higher in early spring/summer - and buy cheap in the fall/winter....

As a reference point... I own a 19 year old competition ski boat - which the NADA values at around $3500..... but I've completely redone it - putting in new floors/stringers/upholstry/custom trailer/windshield/electronics/engine parts - all of which cost over $8K.... think I'll part with it for $3500?? Hardly!!! At the age of your boat, if you want top dollar (or what it's worth), you'll need a qualified marine surveyor to look at it and come up with a value..... which will cost you yet another couple of hundred bucks....
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Thank you

I didn't think to google used boat prices! Thanks for your ideas too!

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