help with ignition firing on evinrude 140


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help with ignition firing on evinrude 140

I have i beleive a '73 evinrude 140 and just changed the powerpack and rectifier and still have no fire to any of the 4 plugs. any advise would be deeply appreciated.
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In looking at the parts diagram for that setup on a 135 (it doesn't show a 140) You would have the four coils, but you have common spark failure = back to power source or trigger. I have to make a assumption on this - the power pack would hold igniter type components, the sensor on the flywheel would serve as the trigger, and the charging system (stator, flywheel, rectifier) would provide the electrical source for the ignition.

In terms of the power supply, is the charging system working to keep the battery charged (it shows an electric starter)? If so the common power source is OK and that leaves you with the common component of the flywheel sensor, assuming the power pack you put in was OK.... or a connection = ignition switch or wiring harness.
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Thanks marbobj,
I certainly appreciate the knowledge. It turns out that the spark plugs were bad and would not let any fire through what so ever. what led us to beleive that was while checking the spark with an inline tester which showed no spark, My buddy accidently touched the edge of the plug boot and gave him one heck of a shock. So we knew we were getting fire now after the new parts. So needeless to say he searched all over town to find four of those particular plugs and we changed them and after a couple of seconds of choking it came to life. However we now face another minor issue. after pulling the carbs to clean them we have the float needle in one of the carbs that is sticking so monday he will search for for two of the same one and changed them both while we have them down. Anyways like i said I appreciate the fact that you took the time to research and reply to my post.

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