Loose Rivets on Hull


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Loose Rivets on Hull

I have a 1987 MO-KAN 16ft bass boat and the floor is soft because the rivets on the hull allow water to leak in. When I purchased it I wasn't aware of this, it had other ills and I paid almost $700.00 to have those items repaired. I understand you can use fiberglass resin to seal the rivets, can you? and if so, I must do it from underneath or remove the engine and everything to be able to flip it over. I bought a gel resin, which is thick, will this work? Do I need to buy fiberglass sheeting as well to press into the gel or can I just let it set,
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West System G/FLEX 650-K Repair Kit.

It's a versitile liquid epoxy that seals rivits and seams on aluminum boats. It absorbs the stresses of expansion, contraction, shock and vibration. It will repair a wide range of dissimilar materials. Furthermore, it has a modulus of elasticity of 150,000 psi.
Follow the instructions on the box. I suggest you use a good heat gun and preheat the joint's when applying the epoxy.

Also, use a wire wheel or brush to get the joints perfectly clean.

To find the leaking rivits or seams, fill the inside of the boat with water and mark the areas where water appears under the boat.

You do not need to turn your boat upside down. This material has the advantage of a long open working time with a relatively short cure time.

Good luck
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Thank You'

I will go out and buy this product and apply it after the season is over since I will need to replace the decking as well.

This information is greatly appreciated.
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Did it work? I have a Lowe deck boat that takes on water at the keel so I am looking for some type of sealant that works. I think I need to do the whole length of the boat right down the middle. Thanks.

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